Senior Citizens


Instrumental Programme By Key Board Artist Little Wonder Atharva (Divanshu Shankar)

DATE :-13/01/2023, FRIDAY, 05.00 PM

 “In cities like ours, most seniors go through phases of being alone and being or feeling neglected by society. Many have children living abroad or far away. With seniors making up 10% to 12% of the city’s population, it is extremely important to have recreational centres and programmes to help them find companionship and support in their later years, So in our Nasiklub Create event for a senior citizens that is Nasiklub 58+ (SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB).
On offer at this place is game nights, excursions, dancing and singing sessions, workshops and counselling sessions on physical and mental health.
HelpAge also organises heritage trips and festive celebrations where the seniors can interact with younger generations.
“Our mission is to not only offer seniors a healthy environment but also help bridge the gap bet-ween generations” 
A key advantage of NAsiklub 58+(SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB)  clubs for seniors is the social interaction, with members making friends, finding support in times of happiness and trouble, and even celebrating important events together.
“These are also for important as they can a balance between indoor and outdoor life”.
 “The activities also help them feeling like an active and participatory part of society.”


Event Time :13-Jan-23 05:00 PM to 13-Jan-23 07:00 PM