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Restaurant and Bar

We serve pure vegetarian cuisine from all over the world. Our dining experience will entice your taste buds and delight you with every meal.

        A) Woodlands

Restaraunt                                            Restaraunt                                        Restaraunt



Pamper your taste buds to some mouth-watering food. We serve delicious contemporary India cuisine (Punjabi, South Indian and Maharashtrian), Indo-Chinese along with some yummy desserts and drinks. The ideal family restaurant.
Perfect for a special occasions or every day dining, Woodlands is the finest venue for intimate dinners or private business lunches.
It is open to all – members and guest alike from 7 AM to 11 PM

        B) J99 BAR

Restaraunt                                            Restaraunt                                        


Enjoy and indulge in our carefully crafted cocktails & mocktails. It’s the perfect family bar and members’ chamber.
The space can also be booked to host intimate brunches and luncheons with drinks and cocktails.
Exclusively open for our members and their guests from 7 PM to 11 PM