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In-House clubs

       A) 58+ Club

This has been specially designed for our senior citizens. To help them meet new people, learn new skill or simply spend a good evening with friends. Nasiklub organises a monthly event for them which includes musical nights, seminars, picnics and much more.
Please call us on +91 98813 58307 (Raju Katare) to become a member of the 58+ Club and all the details.

58+ 1                                         58+ 3                                         fun club2



       B) Fun Club ( 4 – 14 year olds)

Children need an outlet for their energy and we provide just that combined with fun and learning. The Fun club gang meets every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM. Nasiklub organises games, craft sessions, DIY’s, picnics, games and treks for the little ones.
Win prizes and lots of gifts every Sunday!
Please call us on +91 98813 58307 (Raju Katare) to enrol your child and all the details.

fun club1                                     fun club2                                        fun club3