Hurda Party


Nasiklub is back with its annual Hurda Party for all the foodies!
As the winters dawn upon us, the one thing to look forward to is the Hurda Party at Nasiklub
Hurda is fresh Jawar, roasted on coal and served with jaggery and dry chutney's.
Here at Nasiklub, to go along with the Hurda, we have a wide spread of Maharashtrian cuisine, fresh mouth-watering sugarcane juice and a lot of fresh seasonal fruits like pear and Indian Plum (bore).

We recreate a complete village ambiance with khatiya seating, bullock cart, mini ferris wheel, tattoo and mehendi artist, bonfire, a folk performance and an astrologer to keep you entertained.

Due to Limited Seating booking is Mandatory +91 88063 63050 / +91 96234 45046

Date: 02th January 2022 - 16th January 2022
Time: 7 - 11 PM

A guaranteed fun party for everyone.

Event Time :02-Jan-22 07:00 PM to 16-Jan-22 11:00 PM